Building application

A passive solution for thermoregulating buildings and minimize energy consumption :


In winter, dark color maximizes the solar gains and reduce heating demand while in summer, the white color maximizes the solar reflection and reduce cooling demand.Thanks to dynamic optical properties, by the end of the year, on average 15% of heating and cooling energy savings are provided.

Higher return on investment for building owners :

SpectrumLab’s coating is energetically and economically more effective compared to existing envelope solutions, especially in regions where there are high temperature differences between seasons. It’s our mission to customize the coating’s transition threshold and optical properties based on its geographical application. Thanks to our simulation capabilities, we guarantee to our clients the maximum energy savings and financial gains in different climate zones around the world.

A multi-functional and benefit solution :


  • – Customizable dynamic optical properties
  • – Customizable dark color to white
  • – Self cleaning coating
  • – Thermal insulating coating


  • – Retrofit for existing buildings
  • – New constructions
  • – Uncoated surfaces
  • – Coated surfaces
  • – Waterproofing


  • – Energy savings
  • – Indoor comfort improvement
  • – Easy to apply and passive solution
  • – Negative carbon footprint
  • – Extend substrate life span (roof or façades)