Next-generation smart architectural coating that minimizes buildings’ energy consumption.

We are developing a breakthrough architectural coating solution, that changes its color and optical properties based on temperature, for building opaque surfaces. In cold seasons, it shows a dark color to maximize the solar gains, while in hot seasons it turns white to maximize the solar reflection thanks to dynamic optical properties.

An ideal thermoregulating solution for buildings:


space heating energy savings


space cooling energy savings

The ideal roof would be 100% reflective in the summer and 100% absorbent in the winter

  • Art Rosenfeld, California Energy Commissioner


An innovative technology for architectural building materials :

Our coating exploits thermochromic nanoparticles which are heat-sensitive and switch color with temperature variations. It reversibly changes its color from dark to white around 25-30°C. This transition threshold and coating’s optical performances are customizable based on the geographical application and clients’ preferences.

Our way of fighting against climate change :

Making buildings adaptable to external conditions to create smart and resilient cities.