What we do


SpectrumLab is developing the world’s first outdoor thermochromic coating for roofs and façades. The coating saves, on average, 15% energy in space heating and cooling every year. By minimizing the energy consumption of our built environment, we intrinsically reduce its greenhouse gases emissions and fossil resources consumption. Our coating can be adopted for new constructions or as a retrofitting solution for renovating existing ones. 

The coating adapts itself to the outdoor conditions and smartly controls the solar gains of the building. It reflects sun rays when the outside temperature is over 25°C – 30°C and absorbs it when its under the threshold temperature thanks to dynamic optical properties applied both in visible and IR spectrums. To reach the maximum efficiency the color of the coating will turn white, to cool the building, during the hot seasons and dark, to heat the building, during the cold seasons.

SpectrumLab Team


Our company was born from the ambition and willingness to find a solution for the increasing overall temperatures of the cities and the accelerated global warming.


We want to become the next leader of smart coating for building’s energy efficiency by disrupting the definition of cities. We will turn them adaptable to outdoor conditions and make them fight against global warming.


  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency